ALgebra Two
This Topic is just like Geometry's Unit Three: Lines and Planes. We go through everything to do with writing equations of a line, including parallel and perpendicular, as well as graphing lines and inequalities.
I love to give different types of quizzes, including Partner and Pop, so be prepared.
Quiz Date // Sept 11th
Test Date // Sept 14th
CW Practice A pdf // sol
CW Practice B pdf // sol
CW Practice C pdf // sol
CW Practice D pdf // sol
CW Practice E pdf // sol
CW Practice 1 pdf // sol
CW Practice 2 pdf // sol
CW Practice 3 pdf // sol
Some of these were done in class and some were not. Make sure that you know everything on these before the test or quiz.
REV Test Review A pdf // sol
GO Solving Graphic Organizer pdf // sol
Semester 1 Topics
Topic 1 Topic 2 Solving
Benchmark Exam 1
Topic 3 Linear Systems
Topic 4 Quadratics
Benchmark Exam 2
Topic 5 Exponents
Final Exam 1
Topic 6Topic 7 ProbabilityBenchmark 4Topic 8 Rational ExpressionsTopic 9 PolynomialsBenchmark 5Topic 10 Conics
Here are some Math sites that may be helpful:
» PurpleMath
» SOS Math
» Dr Math

Extra Practice
Throughout the years, I have a made a great many worksheets. Each year, I redo, remake, modify, start from scratch, you getthe idea and here I house my leftovers for this unit.
» Quiz Review 1 pdf // sol