ALgebra Two
It starts to get a bit tougher here, when we get past Substitution and Elimination and get into solving systems of three!
We need to finish Complex Numbers and take Benchmark 2. Complex Test has been moved to Monday due to my absence.
Quiz // Block 10/9
Test // Block 10/16
10/6 Practice 1 pdf // sol
10/6 Practice 2 pdf // sol
10/6 Practice 3 pdf // sol
11/1 Lesson 1 pdf
11/1 Lesson 2 pdf
11/1 Lesson 3 pdf
CW Elimination A pdf // sol
CW Elimination B pdf // sol
CW Inequalities A pdf // sol
CW Substitution A pdf // sol
CW Substitution B pdf // sol
CW Systems A pdf // sol
CW Three Variable A pdf // sol
CW Word Problems A pdf // sol
Some of these were done in class and some were not. Make sure that you know everything on these before the test or quiz.
REV Test Review A pdf // sol
REV Test Review B pdf // sol
REV Test Review C pdf // sol
REV Test Review D pdf // sol
REV Quiz Review 1 pdf // sol
GO Solving Graphic Organizer pdf // sol
Semester 1 Topics
Topic 1 Topic 2 Solving
Benchmark Exam 1
Topic 3 Linear Systems
Topic 4 Quadratics
Benchmark Exam 2
Topic 5 Exponents
Final Exam 1
Topic 6Topic 7 ProbabilityBenchmark 4Topic 8 Rational ExpressionsTopic 9 PolynomialsBenchmark 5Topic 10 Conics
Here are some Math sites that may be helpful:
» PurpleMath
» SOS Math
» Dr Math

Extra Practice
Throughout the years, I have a made a great many worksheets. Each year, I redo, remake, modify, start from scratch, you getthe idea and here I house my leftovers for this unit.
» Three Variable pdf // sol