ALgebra Two
We are in our second unit of the second semester. Exponents and Scientific Notation is the focus of this unit and will go really quickly!
Block day this week will have our first true experience with Khan Academy.

Quiz // Friday Feb 20th
Pop Quiz // Block day 2/24 + 2/25
Quiz 2 // Friday 2/26
We will be setting up Khan academy accounts today.

2/25 + 2/26
2/18 + 2/19 Computer Activity 1
2/25 + 2/26 Computer Activity 2
Lesson 1 pdf // sol
Lesson 2 pdf // sol

Some of these were done in class and some were not. Make sure that you know everything on these before the test or quiz.
REV BM 1 Review pdf // sol
REV BM 2 Review pdf // sol
Semester 1 Topics
Semester One
1 Algebra Review
2 Solving Equations
3 Graphing a Line
4 Systems
Semester Two
5 Functions
6 Exponents
Here are some Math sites that may be helpful:
» PurpleMath
» SOS Math
» Dr Math

Extra Practice
We started this unit with a question:
Would you rather make money or a difference?

Money was a lesson called "The Penny Problem"
Making a Difference was based off the movie "Pay it Forward". Here is link to video that started our lesson and unit on exponents.
» LInk to video