Algebra 2
This class is designed to prepare students for our full Algebra course the following year. There are new elements but many times we revisit topics to depper their understanding..
Discrete Math
Our only Senior Math class on campus has Real World Applications at its roots. We deal with anything that has applicable math and utilizes skills already gained from High School, mostly algebra. W
ONE tv news
6 years ago, I revisioned our school campus news and called it ONE. My crew is putting in some real work and it is paying off with a more finetuned and finished style of show. Check out our YouTube channel!
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My Videos
Throughout the school year, I make videos for my classes, either as intros, explanations, hooks, etc. I host them on my YouTube channel. Second Semester is always full of them so stay tuned.
About Me
I have taught for 10 years and learned a lot along the way. There are a various amount of things that Ive done for my school, for my family, and myself. I share some of those things here.