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Sirimanne is back and the crew is prepping for a big year!

Bear Essentials

Today's Show // Mon 9-23-13

Our second attempt from the desk. Mikayla and Gabby take this one and set up interviews with LaPorte and Montooth.

Episode ONE

Freestyle Friday // 9-20-13

We start with the original idea called "Sirimanne's Back". A play on words, where we travel through how ONE got its name from the one who named it and also the fact that Sirimanne returned to video this year. It finishes with a "Freestyle Friday" performed and written by Javier Garden that is sure to astound and amaze!

Bear Essentials

New Format // Mon 9-16-13

Experimentation of a new format with Mikayla and Jennifer as hosts. Nick C directs, films, and handles tech issues like a pro. Gabby is in charge of talent and content. Aj, Isaiah, and Josh record audio. Siri: "An amazing first try at Bear Essentials from the desk"

top episodes

Kiele the Expolrer

Special // March 2012

Kielo and Boots (Emily Perez) adventure across Mission hills campus.

Siri loses his hair

Episode 117 // June 2012

Better known as the "Chelsea" episode based on the SNL skit called "Gilly". It is a very silly episode that we sorta rushed to edit.

Freestyle Friday 2

Episode 07 // Oct 4th, 2010

The phenom, Richie, answer the question "Can I kick it?" Yes you can Richie, Yes you can!

One: Mission Hills
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